M V Ganga Vihar - The Floating Restaurant

A visit to Ganga Vihar can be a very refreshing moment. Taking a trip in the Ganges and watching the ghats and banks of Patna on a lovely evening can be very memorable.

The Bhagirathi Vihar at Ganga Ghat, behind NIT, from where the journey starts. Bhagirathi Vihar is the name of a restaurant at the Gandhi Ghat.

Gandhi Ghat Patna

The ticket to the journey. The Floating Restaurant is managed by Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation (BSTDC). The ticket price is Rs 100 (as in 2011) per person. The average time duration if the tripis 45 minutes. 

M V Ganga VIhar Patna Ticket

Bhajan of Gandhiji at Gandhi Ghat.

" Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram, Patita Pavan Sitaram
  Ishwar Allah Tero Nam, Sabako Sanmati De Bhagwan "

Gandhi Ghat Patna

The inside view of the Floating restaurant M V Ganga Vihar. The open deck is situated one floor above which can be accessed through a narrow stair case. The deck provide a beautiful view of the city and the river Ganges. A small shop provides some light snacks during the normal trips.

Inside View of the Floating Restaurant Patna

View from the Gandhi ghat before beginning the trip

M V Ganga Vihar Floating Restaurant

A plaque in remembrance of the father of the nation at Gandhi Ghat. There are many things in Patna associated with Gandhi like Gandhi Maidan, Gandhi Sangrahalaya, Mahatma Gandhi Setu, Gandhi Ghat etc.

Gandhi Quote

Wonderful view from the boat. The vast expanses of Ganga at Patna can mesmerize anyone during the monsoon period. Throughout the year, water level remains good in the river. The vast expanses of sand in the middle of the river, called Diara is becoming a favorite destinations for the revelers on New Year day.

Ganga river at Patna

View of Darbhanga House from the boat. Built by the Maharaja of Darbhanga as his guest house in Patna, this historic building now encompasses various departments of Patna University. It is always bustling with students.

Darbhanga House Patna

Passing below the Mahatma Gandhi Setu. It is one of the largest bridges over river in India. It connects Patna with Hazipur on the other side f river Ganges. Its length is approximately 5.5 km.

Mahatma Gandhi Setu Patna

[About the Photos : All the photos have been taken using a Canon camera. A bit of editing has been done, preserving the originality. The photos have been taken in 2011 ]

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