Around Gandhi Maidan

Gandhi Maidan is the center of the City. It is a big circular ground surrounded by a busy road and lot of important buildings like RBI, SBI, Red Cross, Police Headquarter, Udhyog Bhavan, Gandhi Sangrahalaya, St. Xavier, DM's residence, Sri Krishna Memorial Hall etc. The world's tallest bronzes statue of Mahatma Gandhi is also located in Gandhi Maidan. It is the venue of all important fairs, political rallies, major government functions like Republic Day etc. in the city.

Kargil Chowk. It was built after the Kargil war. The names of the martyrs are engraved here.

Kargil Chowk Patna

The Mona Multiplex. The earlier Mona Cinema went under renovation and is now known as Mona Multiplex. It is a popular place among the youngsters, especially the college going student of the Patna University.

Mona Multiplex Patna

The Regent Cinema in the Gandhi Maidan. It has also gone under renovation last year (2013).

Regent Cinema Patna

The famed book market of Gandhi Maidan. It is here where you can find any kind of books, especially related to competitive examinations - original books, xeroxed books, pirated books, second-hand books etc. The price depends on one's bargaining skills.

Gandhi Maidan Book Market Patna

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