Patna College

Patna College is one of the most popular college of Patna University. It was established in 1863. It is the second most oldest educational institution in entire Eastern India region. Patna College campus is very beautiful, having old buildings with great architecture. On one side, it faces Ashok Rajpath and on the opposite side it borders the river Ganges.

Entry gate to the historic college from Ashok Rajpath. The lane infront of the gate is famous for books.

Patna College - Entrance

The beautiful building called Pandit Mahamahopadhyay Ramavatar Sharma Bhasha Bhavan is situated on the left to the entry gate.

Patna College - Bhasha Bhavan

The beautiful wooden design supporting the roof on the Bhasha Bhavan.

Patna College - Bhasha Bhavan photo

Outside view of the Ewbank Shed. During summer, student enjoy in its shed and enjoy match, if it is being played on the ground. The characteristic gallery of the Patna College campus. Painted in red from outside, it blends beautifully with the surrounding ground. It run through the campus, connecting main buildings.

Patna College - Ewbank Shed

Inside view of the Ewbank Shed. The shed proves very useful during hot summer days whenever one has to go through the campus. The small brick wall on the both side of shed serves as seating benches for students during their leisure times.

Patna College Ewbank Shed

Distant view of the Ewbank Shed. One can enjoy watching cricket match in the ground from the stairs (as visible in the photo) on cool winter day.

Patna College - Ewbank Shed view

Front view of the main building of the Patna College. A stone plaque celebrating 125 years of its establishment (1863-1988) is placed just infront of the building. The college celebrated its 150th year of its establishment in 2013.

Patna College Main Building

Side view of the Patna College main building.

Patna College Main Building Side view

The wooden stairs in the main building, leading to first floor. The whole building reminds of the old style of building.

Patna College wooden stairs

Radha Krishna Ghat, the Ganga ghat at the Patna College campus. One can see vast stretches of the Ganges, and the Mahtama Gandhi Setu also at far distance.

Patna College - Radha Krishna Ghat

The view of the Ganges. The ghat serves as a famous time passing place for the college students. Darbhanga House, a Post Graduate building of the Patna University is also situated nearby.

The river Ganges by Patna College

[ About the photos : All the photos has been taken using a Canon camera. A bit of editing has been done, preserving the originality. The photos has been taken during 2011-12. ]

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