Patna Science Centre

Sri Krishna Science Centre in Patna is a great place for understanding the principles of Science through various demonstrations.  It hold something for all the age groups, though children enjoys the most.

View of the Science centre from outside. It is situated near South-Eastern edge of the Gandhi Maidan. It is situated in a quite lane having lush green tress on either side of the lane.

Sri Krishna Science Centre Patna

The sculpture of famous Indian scientists are kept in the campus. (Side View)  Cafeteria is visible in the background.

Sri Krishna Science Centre Entrance view

Front view of the Scientists sculptors

Sri Krishna Science Centre Famous Indian Scientists

Inside view of the science centre at the ground floor. The floor is named as 'Fun Science Gallery'.There are two upper floors also. A lot of experiments are displayed here. One can learn a lot through practical experiments than mere bookish theories.

Sri Krishna Science Centre Ground Floor

A demo of Floating Ball in progress

Sri Krishna Science Centre Patna Demo Experiments

The Energy Ball demo is worth watching.

Sri Krishna Science Centre Patna experiments

3 - D show in progress. The show is of 20-minuted duration. A spectacle is provided for seeing the 3-D effect. Print quality is good, however audio quality need some improvement.

Sri Krishna Science Centre Patna 3-D Show

Dinosaurs park outside the building, in the Campus

Sri Krishna Science Centre Patna Dinosaurs Park

A close view of a dinosaurs

Sri Krishna Science Centre Patna

The Science garden. A number of scientific principles explained through demos. A yellow colored Tiger Moth Aircraft is also on display in the garden.

Sri Krishna Science Centre Science Garden

[ About the photos :  The photos have been taken using a Canon camera and a mobile phone. A bit of editing has been done, preserving the originality. The photos have been taken during 2011-12 ]

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