Christ Church Patna Photos

Christ Church is one of the oldest church in Patna. It was established in 1852. It is situated near North -Eastern edge of the Gandhi Maidan.

The entry gate to the church campus. The entrance is through a busy side lane off the Gandhi Maidan Circular Road.

Christ Church Patna

The wonderful view of the church. The  church is not quite visible from the outside road due to large hoardings put on the road side. However, its upper part is visible from the Gandhi Maidan.

Christ Church Patna

Side view of the church

Christ Church Patna

Another view of the church. This church is a beautiful example of the Gothie style architecture. The most striking feature is the high bell tower with the pointed pinnacle over the four corner.

Christ Church Patna

The church run school in the campus.It is a self-financing, non-profitable educational institute.

Christ Church Diocesan School Patna

[About the photos : All the photos have been taken using a mobile camera. A bit of editing has been done, preserving the originality. The photos have been taken during 2011-12 ]

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