Patna Museum Photos

Patna Museum is one of the important treasure trove of rare artifacts in the country. It houses close to 45,000 artifacts, but due to lack of space, many are not put on exhibition. The museum was formally established in 1917 in the present building. The Museum has the proud possession of artifacts like Didarganj Yakshi (Chauri-Bearer) and the sacred relics of Lord Buddha. 

The majestic front view of the museum

Patna Museum
The side view of the museum

Patna Museum - side view

The statue of Lord Hardinge of Penshurst, Viceroy of India (1910-1916)  in the museum campus

Patna Museum - Lord Hardinge statue

The famed Didarganj Yakshi. The marvelous statue dates back to Mauryan times, approximately 2300 years back. It is one of the most remarkable statue in India.

Patna Museum Didarganj Yakshi

The statue of Avalokiteshvar. This 11th century statue is another master piece of art and sculpture in the museum collection. 

Patna Museum Avalokiteshvar statue

A section depicting the statues excavated from Nalanda. The Nalanda University was one of the world's biggest university of its time. Many rare artifacts were recovered during the excavation.

Patna Museum Nalanda Excavation artifacts

The open courtyard inside the museum premise where many statues are on display. Most of the statues are defaced due to historical reasons. 

Patna Museum Courtyard

The 'Satabdi Smarak' in the museum campus.

Patna Museum  Satabdi Smarak

A statue in the museum campus.

Patna Museum  statue

The beautiful stone arc placed near the entrance to the museum building. The figures has been beautifully carved on the stone.

Patna Museum Stone arc

Way to the Cafeteria and the Souvenir shop. It is situated beside the main building.

Patna Museum - Souvenir Shop and Cafeteria

The entry ticket of the museum. For photo taking visit, a separate ticket is required.

Patna Museum Ticket

[About the photos : All the photos has been taken using a canon camera.A bit of editing has been done, preserving the originality. The photos have been taken in 2013.]

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