World's tallest Gandhi statue in Patna photos

The World's tallest Gandhi Statue was inaugurated  in 2013 at the historical Gandhi Maidan by the Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar. The statue is situated in South-West corner of the Gandhi Maidan. Its main gate is in front of St. Xavier's High School. The statue faces towards East Gandhi Maidan, or towards center of the maidan. The whole structure is placed on a raised platform, which can be reached through a number of step from all sides.

View of the statue from the Gandhi Maidan side. 

Gandhi statue in gandhi maidan

The total height of the structure is 72-feet, which includes 32-feet pedestal and 40-feet bronze statue. Gandhiji is shown holding a boy and a girl by his side. Beneath his feet is written "My life is my message" in Hindi.  On the pedestal, panel have been created depicting important aspect of Gandhiji's life. Each side has a different panel.

Gandhi statue - front view

The front panel depicts the 1942 August Kranti (Quit India Movement), in which Gandhiji has given his famous mantra of "Do or Die".

Gandhi statue Quit India Movement Panel

The side panel depicts the incident of Champaran Satyagrah of 1917. 

Champaran Satyagrah Panel

The back panel shows Gandhiji sitting with Spinning Wheel (Charkha), giving example of importance of being self dependent. 

Gandhiji, Charkha and Khadi

The fourth panel picks the topic of Dandi March of 1930, which is an important part in the Indian struggle for freedom movement.

Dandi March Panel

View of the Biscoman Bhawan from the Statue enclosure.

Patna Biscoman Bhavan

The statue is named as "Bapu". The top view of the statue.

mahatma gandhi statue

The plaque giving a brief description of the important aspect of Gandhiji life. Two plaque, one in Hindi and one in English is placed on either side of the staircase leading to the front view of the statue.

Life of Mahatma Gandhi

Side view of the Gandhi statue.

Gandhi statue Patna Side View

Back view of the Gandhi statue. This is the view that one gets while entering from the main gate.

Gandhi Statue - back view

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