Patna - a collage view

The collage view of Patna's known places. Below collage photograph captures (clockwise, starting from top left) Buddha Smriti park, Patna College, Golghar, P & M mall, River Ganges, Bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Gandhi Maidan, a design at Eco park, Christ Church and Didarganj Yakshi in Patna Museum. 

Patna Famous Places

Festivals of Patna in a collage. The below photograph captures a glimpse of may festivals like Chhath, Holi, Diwali, Dussehra,  Ramnavami, Christmas etc.

Festivals of Patna

The below collage captures a glimpse of Patna's culture. It shows known eateries like Litti, Samosa and Jalebi, festivals like Dussehra, traditional matrimonial alliances, paintings etc.

Culture of Patna

The below collage tries to captures the history of Patna. The photo covers the ruins of ancient Patliputra, Didarganj Yakshi, rare statues in Patna Museum, extent of power of the capital during its hey-days etc. 

History of Patna

The collage view of Patna's known places. Below collage photograph captures Jurassic park at Science Centre, P & M Mall, devotees going Ganga ghat during Chhath, Biscoman Bhavan, Mahatma Gandhi Setu over river Ganges, Patna College, Har Mandir Takht, Pir Ali Park etc.

Patna tourist places

The below collage captures the photos of hotels in Patna. It covers Hotel Maurya, Hotel Chanakya etc.

Hotels in Patna

[About the Collages : Some of the photos in collage has been taken using a mobile and some other using a camera. However, some of the photos in few collages has been taken from Wikipedia and other sources as well.]

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  1. Very nice pictures. Thanks for sharing. The proximity of Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh pilgrimage centres in Vaishali, Nalanda, Rajgir and Pawanpuri add the dimension of religious significance to Patna. Check out all best hotels in Patna also.

  2. Such a great blog! all pictures are looking superb and showing all the different colors of Patna. Patna has a magnificent collection of attractive, historical and so much beautiful places. Some of them are such as Sri Patna Sahib, Vasundhara Metro Mall, Folk Art Museum, St Luke's Church, Begu Hajjam's Mosque, Rajendra Smriti Sangrahalaya Museum and Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Library etc. Patna is well connected by road. You can visit at all these places by car rental services or cab services in Patna. There are lots of beautiful places or cities near around Patna where you can arrive by road trip easily. You can hire a car for local and outstation visit.