Maurya Lok Complex Patna

Maurya Lok is one of the most popular commercial complex in Patna. Besides housing a number of branded show rooms and restaurants, it also has several government offices and banks as well. Approximately 500 shops and around 10 government offices are situated here. It is situated near Dak Bunglow Chowk. It is also famous for the evening eateries that it offers.

Maurya Lok Vivekanand Park Patna

A view of one part of the complex. The complex was opened way back in 1984. For the coming decades, it remained a favorite destination for Patnaites .

Maurya Lok Patna View

A lot of people visit the complex, mostly for enjoying the evening eateries. One can enjoy the local flavor like Litti-Chokha, Samosa, Jalebi, Puri-Kachowri etc. as well as other evening snacks like Pav-Bhaji, Bataa-Bhaji, Golgappe, Chowmins etc.

Shopping and Eateries @ Maurya Lok

The complex houses shops of many kinds like clothes, computers, mobiles, handicrafts, restaurants, shoes, jewelers, photo shops etc. 

Maurya Lok Complex

The complex is spread in a big area and one may find it a bit difficult to locate a particular shop. 

Shops at Maurya Lok Patna

Litti-Chokha, a delicacy in the city. One can easily find it in the Maurya Lok Complex. Beside this, the Chowmeens of here are well known in the city.

Litti-Chokha at Maurya Lok

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