Kumhrar Park Photos

Kumhrar Park is a protected place by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) where the ruins of the 80-pillared hall of Mauryan era was discovered.

A pillar is kept for demonstration purpose. The remarkable finesse of the pillar even after more than 2000 years is amazing.

Kumhrar Patna Mauryan Pillar

The description of the hall

Kumhrar Description of 80-Pillared Hall

The probable design of the Mauryan hall. The vertical bars in the design is the pillars, one of which is kept for  viewing on the surface.

Kumhrar - Mauryan Hall design

The rest of the space has been covered with sand to avoid damages due to water logging and other factors. The excavated hall lies below this space.

Kumhrar Park

The Dhanavantri Arogyasala of Gupta period was also found here. A replica of the same has been erected on the excavated place.

Kumhrar Dhanvantri Arogyasala

The description of the Arogyasala

Kumhrar - Arogya Vihar

A view of the Park

Kumhrar Park view

A view of the park. The Mauryan Pillar is visible in the back, behind the tree in the center.

Kumhrar Park view

There is also a small museum in the park where few of the artifacts recovered during the excavation are kept for display. It has many remarkable photographs taken during the excavation. A replica of the Mauryan 80-pillared Hall is also kept there. However, photography is not allowed inside the museum.

[About the Photos : All the photos have been taken using a canon camera. A bit of editing has been done, preserving the originality. The photos have been taken during 2012-13. ]

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  1. picture are good.i went their 4 year ago.good site for history student aur onyone having knowledge or curiosity for history other wise they just watch a khambha ...........

    1. True .... partly due to ignorance and partly due to government apathy. When the real monuments are covered with sand, then people can only see the parks and not the monuments ..

  2. i went kumhrar 3jan 2017.i saw there some roadromio were entered into the park nd commenting every couple like abusive language.then one man i saw there who were seemed to be 40-50years were commenting tooo.over all i request to the authority to care and prevent that type of harasment.

  3. To much interesting map. Once novelist Tarasankar Badopadhyay was going there to visit the palace in 1915, when he was 17th years.