Patna Zoo Photos

Patna Zoo, i.e. Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden is one of the most popular visiting place in Patna. It receives the highest number of visitors in the City. It is situated off the Bailey road. It is spread in an area of 153 acres. It is one of the largest zoo in the country. It boasts of a rich collection of flora and fauna. 

A board depicting several animals at the entrance.

Patna Zoo entrance

The lake in the middle. One can enjoy boating on a pleasant day. However, during weekend or holiday, one may find getting boating tickets difficult. Boats are leased on hourly and half-hourly basis.

Patna Zoo boating

Patna zoo boasts of large number of animals and birds. It has one-horned rhinoceros, hippopotamuses, lions, tigers, giraffes, Zebras, elephants, leopards, crocodiles, variety of monkeys, birds, snakes etc.

Patna Zoo animals

Rhinos are kept at a distance. One has to cover a distance before they can see these majestic animals. 

Patna Zoo Rhinos

The Toy Train - takes a round of the Zoo at regular interval. It has a small station from where it starts. It has five compartments. Its route covers a good part of the zoo. It passes by most of the important enclosure in the zoo. It has also some halts, but it does not stop there. 

Patna Zoo Toy Train

Gainda (Rhinoceros)  Halt - but the train does not stop here !!!

Patna Zoo Toy train halt

Entrance to Macchli Ghar (Fish Aquarium). It is situated in the middle of the lake. Separate ticket is applicable for it. 

Patna Zoo Aquarium

Fishes in one of the aquarium slot.

Patna Zoo fishes

[About the photos : All the photographs have been taken using a mobile phone. A bit of editing has been done, preserving the originality. The photos have been taken during 2011-12]

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