Patna Science College

Patna Science College is one of the most reputed college in the City. It was formally established as an independent college in 1927. Till then it used to function as a part of the Patna College. It now comes under the jurisdiction of Patna University. It has produced several notable personalities in its history.

View of the College from Ashok Rajpath. It lies between the Patna University Administrative buildings and National Institute of Technology (NIT) Patna.

Science College Patna Entrance Gate

The administrative building of the College. It also houses library, departments of Mathematics, Hindi and English.

Science College Patna Administrative Building

Department of Physics. It also houses Computer Science related branches. Its classrooms reminds of its glorious past.

Patna Science College Department of Physics

The Cycle Stand in front of Physics department. The remarkable building has off-let fallen into disarray due to negligence. Even today, two identical tokens are issued for each cycle/bike- one has to hang somewhere in the cycle/bike and other need to carry with yourself. Both tokens need to be produced while taking away bicycle or bike.

Patna Science College Cycle Stand

A chemistry lab in the Department of Chemistry. The Chemistry department building is the largest building in the campus. It is build in 'H' shape.

Patna Science College Chemistry Lab

The Auditorium-cum-Geological museum in the campus, beside Department of Geology building.

Patna Science College - Geological Museum

The wooden cupboards in the Department of Chemistry. Every student get it for keeping the Chemistry lab related apparatus.

Patna Science College

The Vinod Kaksha ( Entertainment room), beside Administrative building. It has also fallen into disarray. There is lack of equipment and other infrastructural facilities.

Patna Science College - Vinod Kaksha

View of the ground from the Administrative building.

Patna Science College Main Ground

[About the photos : All the photos have been taken using a Canon Camera. A bit of editing has been done, preserving the originality. The photos have been taken during 2011-12 ]

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  2. I am Dr. Raji Sinha, graduated from Patna Science college in the year 1964 (Physics). I was the only female in my class
    Went through lot of discrimination and harassment (from professors and male students). Still passed with First Class. Moved to USA (1971). At present I am USA citizen and worked in many industries and taught Math and Science.
    Even with lot of bad memories I like to see some good old friends of mine. How can get help?
    My E-mail:
    Dr. Raji Sinha

    1. Hello Mam,

      I also did a part of my education from Science College (post 2000). Its glad to know that you were alone female student in your batch. Considering the time, it must had been a great achievement. And yes, I am well aware of the harassment to female student. When first female student institute (Bethune Female School) was opened in 1849, the young girl student were shouted at by the common people and looked down upon, and sadly 100 years later, the situation was not changed much.
      Its glad that despite becoming USA citizen, you haven't abandoned your past memories. We have a facebook page on Patna Science College Alumni, where many members are there. Though despite being one of the first member to join, I do not know almost most of them. I am pasting the link of the page :
      Please join the group and feel free to ask any query.


  3. Like your way of seeing things! Still you may do some things to expand on it. Thanks for sharing with us!

    ALOKA UST-9130